SpaceCamper Launches Micro-RV eBike for Digital Nomads


Hessen, Germany–SpaceCamper, a Germany-based organization that converts Volkswagen vans into space-efficient and functional camper RVs, launched their latest product, an electric micro-RV bicycle, during the country’s largest tourism and leisure consumer trade fair, the ‘CMT – Die Urlaubmesse 2023’ in Stuttgart last week.

The SpaceCamper Bike (targeted at digital nomads) is built over the Riese & Müller Load e-cargo bike and features a bed, a table, storage space, and a deployable over-bike tarp.

The bed (or lounger) can be adjusted into multiple positions, thus offering a solution to sleeping on potentially wet or uneven surfaces during traditional camping in tents. 

The table, which unfolds over the handlebar after folding the lounger backward into an upright rear-facing seat, can be used for eating or working.

The tarp (or tent roof) is attached to the bike and can be mounted without pegs or tensioning ropes. Once set up, two sidewalls extend protection around the bike with an entry zipper on one side.

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The base vehicle, ‘Riese & Müller Load 75’ via Riese & Müller website

The base vehicle, the Riese & Müller Load, is a 10-year-old concept aimed at replacing the city car and boasts the ability to carry about a 35kg load (or children). It is powered by a high-torque Bosch mid-engine and is fitted with full suspension and an electronically controllable Rohloff 14-speed hub suited for mountainous terrains. 

The company offers a variety of optional add-ons for more adventurous folk, like ABS, mountain biking tires, and a 1000Wh dual battery).

SpaceCamper did not announce the designs or price estimates of the SpaceCamper Bike at the expo last week, but the website suggests an official release sometime in mid-2023. 

The SpaceCamper brand was founded in 2005 by Ben Wawra (an RV-er who lives and works on the road in a SpaceCamper vehicle) and Markus Riese (co-founder of bicycle manufacturer Riese & Müller). They were among the pioneers in the industry who started by modifying Volkswagen vans with features that add functionality for multi-day trips or for living on the road (bed, storage, shower, and swing-out kitchen). 

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