Colombia Crowned Most Affordable Country for Digital Nomads


Key Takeaways:

  • Omio identifies the most affordable countries for American digital nomads.
  • 17.3 million Americans identified as digital nomads in 2023.
  • Colombia claims the top spot due to the cost of living, internet speed, and coworking spaces.
  • Sources such as, Investopedia, and provided the data for the study.
  • Colombia stood out, securing the first rank due to numerous coworking spaces, fast internet, and low living expenses.

The digital nomad visa in Colombia differs from a traditional work visa. It permits residing and working for up to 24 months but costs over $600.

According to a Travel + Leisure report, applicants must demonstrate earnings equating to “at least 3 legal minimum wages during the last 3 months,” as stated by Colombia’s tourism office.

This visa doesn’t grant permission to work locally; income must come from foreign sources.

Medellin’s Laureles: A Nomad’s Paradise

Medellin’s Laureles neighborhood earned the title of “coolest neighborhood on Earth” in Time Out’s 2023 survey.

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The city’s vibrant section is famous for its parks, coffee, yoga studios, and active nightlife.

Laureles in Medellin
Image via CC license

It offers an ideal blend of relaxation and local Colombian flavor. A lot of expats call the place their home, which means there are enough networking opportunities.

The area offers a more authentic Colombian experience than the tourist-heavy Poblado, with a laid-back atmosphere, tree-lined streets, and traditional dining options. It’s a residential area that retains its neighborhood feel despite a growing international presence.

For those working remotely, Laureles provides high-speed internet access and a plethora of cozy cafes and coworking spaces, fostering a productive environment.

The cost of living is reasonable, allowing for a comfortable lifestyle without breaking the bank. Moreover, its central location and efficient public transportation make it easy to explore the rest of the city or to get away to the nearby mountains on weekends.

The combination of a supportive community, convenience, and quality of life makes Laureles an attractive spot for digital nomads looking to settle in Medellín.

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Top Destinations for Digital Nomads

Sri Lanka took second place, followed by countries like Turkey, Argentina, and even Bali, among others.

Nomads can explore these options, spending a few months in each location.

What We Think

As the digital nomad trend grows, it’s essential to identify destinations that offer both affordability and a vibrant cultural experience.

Colombia, with its low living costs and rich cultural hotspots like Medellin’s Laureles, sets a benchmark for other countries.

For those considering a digital nomad lifestyle, this study provides a useful roadmap. However, ensure you do your research beforehand and make sure you’re a bit prepared for the country you want to make your destination.


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