Knaus Yaseo Travel Trailer Is Tailored for Electric Mobility with a Convertible Living Space


Key Takeaways

  • Knaus Tabbert introduces Yaseo, a travel trailer specially designed for EV towing, reflecting a significant leap towards accommodating electric mobility in the RV sector.
  • Yaseo stands out with its fully transformable interior, addressing the challenges of space and weight crucial for optimizing the EV towing range.
  • With two models, the Yaseo 340 PX and 500 DK, this travel trailer offers a range of features that enhance comfort without compromising on self-sufficiency and EV compatibility.

Introduction to the Yaseo

Amidst a sustained boom in the RV industry, Knaus Tabbert unveils the Yaseo travel trailer, aptly tagged the “first caravan for e-mobility”.

According to an autoevolution report, tailored to minimize the impact on the towing EV’s range, Yaseo married a compact, lightweight design with a full-family home experience through its transformable interior and multifunctional spaces.

Design Aspects Favoring EV Towing

  • Aerodynamic Efficiency: Despite its boxy appearance, the Yaseo’s tapered front-end design curtails aerodynamic drag by 14%, promoting fuel economy and extending the EV’s range while towing.
  • Weight Optimization: A key aspect of Yaseo’s design is weight management. Knaus achieves significant weight savings by using lightweight materials and eliminating LPG infrastructure for an all-electric power system, essential for favorable EV towing dynamics.
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Interior Transformation: A Closer Look

  • Convertible Spaces: The Yaseo is a haven of multifunctional spaces. Its face-to-face dinette transforms into a bedroom, a feature seen in both Yaseo models. Moreover, the 500 DK model boasts an L-shaped sofa converting into a single or double bed and an expandable bathroom area.
  • Space-Saving Furniture: Employing multi-functional furniture like the Murphy bed, the Yaseo optimizes living space without compromising comfort.
  • Loading and Storage Options: Its innovative features are the under-bench drawers and exterior access doors, facilitating easy loading of items like e-bikes.

Models and Pricing

According to a New Atlas report, the Yaseo series comprises two models: the compact 340 PX priced at €22,719 (approx. $24,275) and the more spacious 500 DK priced at €29,219 (approx. $31,225), each with unique features catering to varying user needs.

Knaus Yaseo trailer interion

Self-Sufficiency and Power Management

Yaseo’s transition to an all-electric system, leveraging the EV’s V2L (Vehicle-to-Load) capabilities, underscores its shift toward self-sufficiency.

Although this system may raise concerns regarding the drainage on the towing vehicle’s battery, it is a step towards aligning with the e-mobility trend.

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What Do We Think

The Knaus Yaseo exemplifies an innovative approach towards integrating e-mobility with the RV lifestyle, addressing the core challenges of EV towing.

Its debut hints at a promising future where sustainable travel and comfort coexist, setting a notable benchmark in the RV industry.

With its upcoming showcases across major European RV shows, the Yaseo is poised to ignite more discussions on e-mobility-compatible RV designs, pushing the boundaries of traditional caravan concepts.


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