Pebble Unveils the Future of RVs: A Self-Sustaining Electric Travel Trailer


Key Takeaways

  • Pebble, an EV startup, launched an electric travel trailer named “Pebble Flow.”
  • The trailer boasts a 45 kWh battery, rooftop solar, Starlink readiness, and bidirectional charging.
  • A “magic pack” option enhances its capabilities, including an active propulsion system.
  • Preorders start at $109,000 with a fully refundable $500 deposit.

Pebble, birthed by a former Apple, Cruise, and Zoox expert in California, has showcased its electric travel trailer’s prototype.

Tech Meets RV: Pebble Flow

Promising to bring the smartphone’s ease of use to RVs, the Pebble Flow stretches 25 feet and accommodates up to four people.

According to a release, its power source comprises a 45 kWh lithium-ion phosphate battery and 1 kW rooftop solar.

Users can benefit from Starlink compatibility and both AC and DC charging options.

The innovative regenerative charging pumps power back into the battery during towing.

Bidirectional charging allows powering appliances or even one’s home.

Design and Usability

The release noted that the trailer’s lightweight design, sporting an aluminum frame, ensures the total vehicle weight remains at 6,200 pounds.

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With wraparound windows that can switch to opaque for discretion, it promises aesthetics and privacy.

Inside, one finds a versatile kitchen, complete with a multi-use microwave, a fridge, and a detachable induction cooktop for outdoor cooking convenience.

A flexible office space can morph into a queen-sized bed, and the dining area can be converted into a sleeping space.

The bathroom features customizable glass doors for enhanced privacy.

The dedicated Pebble app controls various trailer functions, from lighting and temperature to setup.

Pricing and Enhanced Features

The starting price is $109,000, with preorders requiring a $500 refundable deposit.

For those willing to shell out $125,000, Pebble offers the “magic pack”.

This includes a dual motor drivetrain to help towing vehicles save on power or fuel and an active propulsion system that lets Pebble move independently.

Coupled with sensors, it has a remote hitching function controlled via the app.

Company Milestones and Future Plans

Established in 2022, Pebble’s progress has been remarkable.

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The release noted that Founder and CEO Bingrui Yang confirmed that the unveiled trailer is a working “alpha” prototype.

With a beta prototype in the works, Pebble aims to deliver to customers by 2024.

The electric travel trailer will be showcased at the upcoming LA Auto Show.

The release noted that earlier, Pebble secured $13.6 million in funding, aiding in the prototype’s development.

However, it’s worth noting that Pebble isn’t alone in this race, with competitors like Lightship and Grounded making strides.

What Do We Think?

Pebble’s venture into the RV world showcases a blend of innovation, design, and functionality.

While the price point might seem steep for some, integrating cutting-edge technology and sustainable energy sources presents a compelling case for future-focused nomads.

The challenge will be navigating the competitive landscape and consistently delivering on their promises.


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