LILA* Liverpool Debuts Innovative Digital Nomad Program


Key Takeaways

  • LILA Liverpool’s Innovative Offer:* Introducing a Digital Nomad package, LILA* Liverpool caters to professionals seeking language learning alongside their work commitments, featuring flexible study hours from September to June.
  • Tailored for individuals, especially from South America, the program aligns study hours with UK time, enabling seamless integration of language learning into busy schedules.
  • The package includes dedicated co-working spaces, connections with local professionals, and diverse accommodation options, reflecting a holistic approach to digital nomad needs.

Liverpool, UK–In a groundbreaking initiative, UK-based language provider LILA* Liverpool targets mobile professionals by introducing an innovative Digital Nomad package.

Tailored Features for Professionals

According to a Study Travel report, LILA* Liverpool’s novel package will be available from September to June. It is tailored to fit language learning around the work routines of students, offering dedicated co-working spaces and fostering connections with local business professionals.

Catering to Global Demands

“LILA*’s Digital Nomad package is designed for busy professionals who want to dedicate time to learning a new language but have limited flexibility in their schedule,” explained LILA* Liverpool’s Director, Leanne Linacre, as per the report. “It’s particularly attractive for people from South America where the time differences work well for people to study from 9-12.15 UK time and then log on to work in their local time when businesses are waking up for the day.” The report noted that she elaborates on the increasing popularity of the digital nomad lifestyle.

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The package also includes short-term and long-term accommodation options.

The report noted that LILA* Liverpool collaborates with David Game College Group in addition to English language courses, providing A-Levels and University Foundation Partnership programs. The Digital Nomad package is a further testament to their innovative approach to education.

What We Think

LILA* Liverpool’s innovative Digital Nomad package strikes a chord by bridging the gap between professional obligations and language learning. Its adaptive approach to global time zones allows for a seamless blend of study and work, catering to the growing trend of digital nomadism.

By incorporating co-working spaces and fostering local connections, this initiative showcases a comprehensive understanding of the modern professional’s needs.

It’s a testament to LILA* Liverpool’s commitment to progressive, flexible education that aligns with the evolving lifestyles of today’s workforce.
Learn more in the Study Travel report.


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