Worksploring Ushers in the New Age of Remote Work, Declaring ‘Cubicle Retirement’


In an era where digital nomadism is steadily on the rise, with approximately 35 million people globally embracing this lifestyle, Worksploring takes center stage, innovating how we perceive and engage in remote work. On May 15th, Worksploring is throwing a ‘Cubicle Retirement Party’, acknowledging the historical significance of cubicles while enthusiastically welcoming a new age of location-independent work.

Worksploring stands as a premier resource for professionals exploring global remote work opportunities. It provides insights into over 600 cities, fosters a lively community, and offers resources to navigate the remote work landscape. From understanding digital nomad visas, managing taxes, and dealing with currency exchange, Worksploring is a one-stop shop. With the Flex Index showing that 75% of Technology companies wholeheartedly accept complete flexibility, Worksploring is an essential platform for employees and employers.

With Worksploring’s introduction, a significant shift in work, career planning, and lifestyle choices occur. Charleston-based restaurant consultant Mike Lotz remarks, “Just because you have to work in an office doesn’t mean you want to.” Worksploring is engineered to empower remote workers and assist HR departments in better understanding the needs of these individuals, employing platform and third-party data.

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Wave goodbye to the cubicle and embrace the future of work with Worksploring’s Platinum Membership. Enjoy exclusive benefits such as access to comprehensive city data, private groups, forums, and a suite of forthcoming features. You can join the Cubicle Retirement Party at or sign up via our launch partner, Indiegogo (, to get a $ 50-lifetime membership (limited quantities), a significant 83% discount from the standard $299.

HR departments looking to refine remote work policies and boost productivity are invited to participate in the Worksploring Employee Pilot Program. This program provides HR departments with invaluable insights into employee needs, enhancing talent metrics and unveiling the full potential of remote work.
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