Nomad in a Tesla: The New Age of On-the-Road Living


The allure of the open road, coupled with the dream of living rent-free, enticed 25-year-old Sandro van Kuijck to abandon his life in The Netherlands and embark on an unorthodox adventure.

For nearly a year, Sandro has been traveling, living, and documenting his life inside a Tesla, much to the surprise and fascination of his 3.6 million online viewers.

Why a Tesla?

According to a Newsweek report, some eyebrows were raised when Sandro chose the Tesla Model X for his mobile home— a vehicle far removed from the typical Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van often associated with van life.

But Sandro had three clear reasons:

  • Built-in Comfort: Tesla’s unique camping mode maintains a comfortable temperature throughout the night. “The car’s camping mode recognizes if you’re sleeping in it and keeps your desired temperature all night,” Sandro shared with Newsweek.
  • Cost-efficiency & Convenience: Not only does the car charge for free, but its unassuming appearance means Sandro can park almost anywhere without drawing attention. “No one expects its driver to be living inside,” he added.
  • Privacy & Security: Unlike other vehicles, the design of the Model X does not outwardly indicate someone lives inside, giving the dweller a sense of security.
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Fully Equipped for Living

The report noted that the Tesla is more than just a mode of transportation for Sandro.

He has customized it to include a full kitchen with running water, an electric stove, blender, kettle, and toaster—turning it into a compact, mobile home.

A Social Media Sensation

Per the report, since sharing his Tesla living experience on TikTok under the username @EverydaySandro1, Sandro’s video has amassed over 3.6 million views and garnered 281,000 likes. 

Many viewers marvel at his ability to live rent-free, especially when homeownership rates among young Americans are plummeting due to rising costs and stagnant wages.

Dodging the Housing Crisis

The report noted that Sandro’s unique approach to living resonates deeply with many of his peers. With housing affordability in the US reaching its most unfavorable levels since the 1980s, innovative solutions like Sandro’s might be the way forward for many young individuals seeking freedom from spiraling rents and mortgages.

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Learn more in the entire Newsweek report.


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