Boundless Life Offers Families the Option to Become Nomads


Key Takeaways

  • Boundless Life enables digital nomadism in Tuscany, Italy, and worldwide, offering residences, workspaces, schools, and leisure hubs for families.
  • Mauro Repacci initiated Boundless Life to address pandemic-induced educational challenges, focusing on adaptable systems for nomadic families.
  • Drawing from the Finnish model, Boundless Life crafts a versatile educational approach tailored for diverse global settings.

Expanding to Tuscany, Italy

Quebec, Canada–Boundless Life is offering families a chance to become digital nomads. The company recently announced that its services would be available in Tuscany, Itay, by the end of the year.

Operating as communities of private homes, co-working spaces, schools, and recreational hubs, the organization specializes in helping families process paperwork and relocate to destinations where they have been established.

Founder’s Vision and Education Focus

CEO and Founder of Boundless Life, Mauro Repacci, started the initiative in 2021 and has listed three locations: Sintra in Portugal, Syros in Greece, and Tuscany in Italy.

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In a press release, he revealed that the company plans to offer locations in Spain and in various locations across Asia by next year.

“What led me to start it [Boundless Life] was the fact that my oldest daughter, Victoria, was turning seven and had joined the public system in Canada, where I was living at the time,” said Repacci. “That was during the pandemic. And, like many parents, because we were working from home, we actually had the opportunity for the first time to really see how the school system works.”

In another report, the organization considered its unique education system one of its biggest strengths. 

“Inspired by the world-renowned Finnish system, Boundless Education was developed by taking the finest ingredients from the world’s best educational practices to build one coherent system to follow your child anywhere,” the company states on its website.

Boundless Life currently offers one-, three—, six—, nine– and 12-month packages for 1-,2-, or 3-bedroom private houses in communities and include children’s education, co-working spaces, online guides, and a range of curated activities at each location.

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As per their website, Boundless Life prices their services accordingly:

1 Bedroom – €2100/month

2 Bedroom – €2900/month

3 Bedroom – €3500/month
€425 EUR / month / parent

*includes co-working facilities
€1,500 EUR / month / child
-10 – 15% sibling discounts
-one-time €300 EUR registration fee / child

What We Think

Boundless Life’s initiative is a groundbreaking solution for families seeking nomadic lifestyles without compromising their children’s education.

By leveraging a holistic approach, blending accommodation, workspace, and education, the organization caters to the growing trend of remote work and learning post-pandemic.

Their commitment to a well-rounded, adaptable education system demonstrates a forward-thinking approach, potentially revolutionizing how families balance work, travel, and education. This comprehensive package aligns well with evolving lifestyles, offering a unique opportunity for families to explore the world while ensuring educational continuity.


Aqil K
Aqil K
Aqil writes about travel, tourism, and covers the many aspects of the digital nomad lifestyle.


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