‘NOMAD Urban AQP’: NOMAD Hotel Group’s First Outlet in Peru


Arequipa, Peru–NOMAD Hotels Group, a home-boutique hotel chain start-up, announced launching its first outlet in Arequipa, southern Peru’s commercial and political center, in a news release published on February 27. 

Per the release, the new hotel, ‘NOMAD Urban’ AQP, is located in the heart of Arequipa and aims to become a hub for digital nomads.

NOMAD Hotel Group’s six sub-brands — Urban, Tribe, Family, Ecohotel, Village, and Hybrid — cater to different segments of the population, each featuring a unique environment.

The NOMAD Urban AQP is housed in a beautifully restored historic building featuring white ashlar architecture (one of the finest stone masonry units, generally a rectangular cuboid used for building construction), which dates back to the 18th century. 

The rooms are decorated with local artwork, textiles, and furniture to give guests a taste of Peruvian culture. 

The hotel features 16 rooms (3 suite rooms), each individually designed to reflect the character and charm of Arequipa. The hotel also features a “music corner,” a remnant of a radio station that used the building as an office during the 1960s.

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Additionally, all branches of the hotel chain will feature co-working and social hubs and related facilities to cater to its primary market, digital nomads.

“We feel that being a true digital nomad gives you freedom, and we want guests to feel at home through the co-living model,” said the founding CEO of NOMAD, Christopher Ramos, in a report.

NOMAD Urban AQP hotel is located just 300 meters away from the city’s Plaza de Armas (inside which no vehicles are allowed), a sort of city center of the town.

Guests staying at the hotel are encouraged to feel at home in its communal spaces, including a cozy living room, a rooftop terrace with stunning city views, and a fully equipped kitchen to cook their meals.

The hotel also features two retro bars (AMBAR and INDIGO), each of which would be a common feature in all outlets.


NOMAD Urban AQP is also committed to sustainability and has implemented several eco-friendly practices. The hotel uses energy-efficient lighting and has installed low-flow showerheads and toilets. 

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“In addition, in communion with external investments and our resources, we have a fund of more than 150 million US dollars to execute four projects in Peru in the next three years, and we plan to open another 10 properties in the next five,” added Ramos in the report.

Per another report, the company’s upcoming projects in Peru include a 250-room hotel in Lima, another 50-room hotel in Oxapampa, and an 80-room hotel in Zorritos. Other projects include outlets in Portugal (Nomad Tribe), New York and Miami (Nomad Urban), and Orlando (Nomad Family).

Read the full release here.


Victor Utomi
Victor Utomi
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