NOMAD Hotels Group Set To Launch in Peru This December


Key Takeaways

  • Arequipa welcomes NOMAD Hotels Group with distinct sub-brands for varied customer segments.
  • Planning four Peru projects, NOMAD aims for 20 global properties in five years.
  • Integrated restaurant, bar brands, and qASA CARE co-working spaces enhance guest experiences.
  • NOMAD VILLAGE caters to long-term travelers, aligning with evolving travel preferences.

Arequipa, Peru–Peru-based NOMAD Hotels Group announced that its first outlet would be inaugurated in the city of Arequipa in December this year in a press release yesterday.

NOMAD Hotels Group’s Debut in Arequipa

Founding CEO Christopher Ramos conceptualized the multi-branded hotel chain in 2020 and has received $150,000,000 in private funding for the first four projects in Peru.

NOMAD Hotel Group’s six sub-brands — Urban, Tribe, Family, Ecohotel, Village, and Hybrid — cater to different segments of the population, each featuring a unique environment. 

“We are proud and excited to present these brands and concepts that embody the DNA of Peruvian hospitality,” said Ramos in the release. “We feel that being a true digital NOMAD gives you freedom, and we want guests to feel at home through the co-living model.”

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NOMAD Hotels Group’s debut project in Arequipa (under the sub-brand NOMAD Urban) will be the smallest (18 rooms) planned for the next three years. Other projects include a 250-room hotel in Lima, another 50-room hotel in Oxapampa, and an 80-room hotel in Zorritos.

Expansion Plans and Unique Offerings

According to the hotel chain’s business model, its restaurant (INDIGO) and bar (AMBAR) brands would be incorporated into each accommodation outlet and developed individually in various locations worldwide.

“In addition, in communion with external investments and our own resources, we have a fund of more than US$ 150 million to execute four projects in Peru in the next three years, and we plan to open another 20 properties in the next five,” added Ramos.

Another element that each outlet is set to feature is qASA CARE, its line of co-working centers, which would also be available to professionals from the general public.

The hotel chain aims to cater to the rapidly evolving travel market. Its sub-brand, NOMAD VILLAGE, targets a long-term traveler seeking to experience a unique community life.

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What We Think

NOMAD Hotels Group’s diverse sub-brands tailored to various demographics promise a unique hospitality experience. The strategic incorporation of co-working spaces and restaurant/bar brands within each outlet enhances convenience and guest engagement.

The substantial private funding and ambitious expansion plans in Peru indicate a robust commitment to tapping into evolving travel demands.

NOMAD’s focus on community-driven experiences and a co-living model reflects an innovative approach to cater to modern travelers, promising a vibrant future in the hospitality industry.

Read the full release here.


Aqil K
Aqil K
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