Rio de Janeiro: ‘The Marvelous City’ Beckons Digital Nomads


Key Takeaways

  • Rio de Janeiro is promoting itself as a digital nomad hotspot with investments in infrastructure, workspaces, and 5G coverage.
  • Brazil introduced the VITEM XIV digital nomad permit, allowing stays of up to one year with income or savings requirements.
  • Rio has seen a rise in digital nomads and offers resources, meet-ups, and co-working spaces.
  • The city’s mix of urban amenities and outdoor attractions is a draw for remote workers.
  • Brazil is home to one of the world’s first digital nomad villages, Pipa, created by start-up NomadX.

Rio de Janeiro: A Digital Nomad Hotspot

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil–The Samba capital of the world and one of the continent’s major ‘big’ cities, also known as Cidade Maravilhosa (Portuguese for ‘the marvelous city’) among locals, has begun advertising itself as being among the top digital nomad hotspot cities worldwide.

Per a BBC report, the Rio government has been making significant investments into digital nomad infrastructure over the last few years, including the organization of networks of nomad-friendly workspaces and accommodations and citywide 5G mobile coverage.

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“Unlike São Paulo, Brasília, and Belo Horizonte, Rio has both big-city amenities and amazing beaches, hiking, and other outdoor attractions,” said Janeesa Hollingshead, a North American digital nomad in the report.

The promotion efforts come in light of Brazil’s launch of its digital nomad permit (called the VITEM XIV) last year, a visa that allows remote workers to reside in the country for one year (extendable for one more). To be eligible, applicants must prove employment with a salary of at least $1,500 per month or have $18,000 in savings.

The Rise of Digital Nomads in Rio

In recent months, Rio de Janeiro has experienced a significant surge in the presence of digital nomads and resources tailored to their needs. The city offers diverse meet-ups, including skill sharing, outdoor activities, networking events, and numerous established online hubs providing services and information.

Moreover, in addition to the many co-working spaces scattered throughout the city, Rio boasts a thriving coffee shop working culture. Many coffee shops in Rio are equipped with reliable internet and coffee, making them an ideal setting for remote workers seeking to connect with the community.

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“You get a lot of value for your money in Brazil, especially if you have euros and dollars,” said Jack Krier, an online content creator from Luxembourg, in the report.

Brazil is also home to one of the world’s first digital nomad villages, Pipa, a project initiated and inaugurated by Lisbon-based start-up NomadX in November last year.

NomadX has also launched similar projects in Portugal, Mindelo, Cabo Verde, and Switzerland. Pipa is located on the country’s East Coast and is a five-hour flight from Rio de Janeiro.

What We Think

Rio de Janeiro’s push to attract digital nomads is a strategic move, considering the growing trend of remote work and the appeal of its vibrant culture, beautiful beaches, and outdoor activities.

The city’s investment in infrastructure and the introduction of the VITEM XIV permit demonstrate a commitment to welcoming this global workforce. As digital nomadism continues to rise, Rio’s efforts could position it as a leading destination for those seeking a work-life balance that includes both urban amenities and natural beauty.

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It’s a testament to Brazil’s potential in the digital nomad landscape, supported by initiatives like Pipa.


Aqil K
Aqil K
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