Alabama Tourism Dept. Launches ‘Year of Alabama Birding’ Campaign


Birmingham, AL–The Tourism Department of Alabama has announced the launch of a new promotion campaign, the ‘Year of Alabama Birding,’ in a news release published on March 29.

Per the release, the year-long campaign aims to showcase Alabama’s thriving and diverse bird population through a series of festivals and activities conducted at over 280 ‘birding sites’ throughout the state.

“The Year of Alabama Birding will be an experience that will focus on the state’s birding trails and habitats,” said Lee Sentell, Director of the Alabama Tourism Department, in the release.

The Southern US state is home to an estimated 430 bird species, including the bald eagle, the endangered red-cockaded woodpecker, and the painted bunting, to mention a few.

In addition to the many birdwatching trails, visitors to Alabama’s eight official welcome centers can participate in a unique audio experience called ‘Relax with Birdsong’ as a part of the campaign.

Furthermore, the campaign features an online drive that includes the following:

  • The ‘Find Your Flock’ online quiz pairs travelers with the birds they resemble the most and shows where these birds can be found.
  •  The ‘Follow a Birder’ documentary series would provide viewers with the perspective of knowledgeable local birding experts.
  •  The ‘Sounds of Happy’ playlist (below) is a relaxing production that aims to capture the essence of a walk through the birding trails in Alabama.
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‘Sounds of Happy‘ playlist via Alabama Tourism

Sweet home Alabama

The allocated ‘birding site’ centers will host and guide visitors and offer various recreational activities (paid and free), including camping, fishing, hiking/rock climbing, etc.

According to the release, Alabama’s tourism sector rebounded significantly since the pandemic, attracting over 28 million visitors in 2022 and generating an estimated $20 billion.

Apart from the state’s diverse landscape, including the infamous Gulf-Coast white-sand beaches, the northern Appalachian Mountains, and numerous lakes and forests, Alabama is also famous for its food and music culture.


Aqil K
Aqil K
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