‘Digital Nomads Conference’ Held in Ponta Do Sol, Madeira


Ponta do Sol, Madeira Island–The scenic coastal town of Ponta do Sol was buzzing with excitement on February 14 as it hosted the highly anticipated ‘Digital Nomads Conference.’ 

Officially called “Digital Nomads Conference: An opportunity for Macaronesia,” the event was started with the aim of strengthening institutional cooperation between the countries in the region, namely, the four archipelagos of Madeira (Portugal), Azores, Canary Islands (Spain), and Cape Verde.

Interesting fact: All countries and autonomous regions (mentioned above) Macronesia have a strong digital nomad presence and have digital nomad visas.

According to a report, the event, organized by Startup Madeira (one of the companies behind the digital nomad village in Maderia), brought together digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and industry representatives from all over the world to discuss topics including the future of work, technology and the benefits of location-independent lifestyles. 

The conference also featured a lineup of expert speakers and entrepreneurs who shared their insights on remote work trends, productivity, work-life balance, and the impact of digital nomads on local economies. 

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The attendees also had the opportunity to participate in workshops and networking sessions, where they could connect with like-minded professionals and exchange ideas and experiences.

Among the discussions was the importance of embracing change and adopting a growth mindset in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. 

Various speakers shared their experiences as digital nomads and provided tips on achieving success in the online marketplace.

During the event, the man behind the project, ‘Digital Nomads of Madeira (the world’s first digital nomad village),’ Goncalo Hall, applauded the Portuguese government’s commitment to the initiative and stated how the project impacts businesses positively by creating an influx of trade all year round.

Madeira, since the inception of its digital nomad program, has become a renowned destination for digital nomads across the globe. The region, off the Western coast of Africa (about 600 miles off the Portuguese coast), is known for its stunning sea views and year-round warm climate.

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Victor Utomi
Victor Utomi
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  1. What a gorgeous place. I definitely need to make my way to one of these. I have no excuse in terms of not being able to travel, being a digital nomad myself. 🙂 Keep up the good blogging work my friend. You’re doing great.


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