Meet Han Talbot: Dubrovnik’s First Digital Nomad Ambassador


Han Talbot, the first ‘digital nomad ambassador’ for the city of Dubrovnik in Croatia, recently sat down for an interview with The Dubrovnik Times to discuss her experience after taking up the position.

The ‘Digital Nomad Ambassadors in Dubrovnik’ program was launched to establish the city on the global nomad map. Under the new initiative, the city offers a chance for accomplished digital nomads to become leaders and representatives for the growing community in the city.

Han Talbot assumed to position for one month between January 27 and February 27.

In the interview, Talbot discussed the advantages of working remotely in Dubrovnik, including the affordability of the city, reliable internet connectivity and free Wi-Fi, and vibrant local culture. “Looking on the practical level, I can go into most cafés and restaurants and use the Wi-Fi free of charge,” she said in the report.

She also shared tips for aspiring digital nomads, such as the benefits of finding a community and staying organized.

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She shared that she strongly felt about Dubrovnik’s potential to become a leading destination for digital nomads worldwide, adding that she would continue to promote the city in her circles.

“It really blows me away every time I come back. Even though I have spent the last four weeks in Dubrovnik in the winter period, the weather has been phenomenal.” Talbot said in the report.

“The slogan of the Dubrovnik Tourist Board of ‘A City for All Seasons’ is spot on,” she added.

Her journey

When asked about her path to becoming a digital nomad, she described how she had spent a big chunk of her childhood in Spain outdoors and that she’d always known the life ahead of her. She described how she had discovered Dubrovnik while backpacking through Europe and was immediately drawn to the city’s natural beauty and rich history.

According to her, the first step in the direction of her dreams came in 2013 when she launched her first blog, Brazil and the Nut, which documented her life as a third-year university student living in Florianopolis, Santa Catarina. 

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Since then, Talbot has become the city’s official advocate for the global remote working community and shares her journeys on her blog and social media pages.

Han Talbot hosts ‘The Remote Life,’ a podcast channel that helps people become digital nomads. She has lived a nomadic life for over five years, working as a freelance marketing and brand-building specialist.


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Victor Utomi
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  1. Han is definitely living the digital nomad dream in a fabulous place. I see more of these opportunities popping up in the future for digital nomads. We really are going remote as a society and I’m for it; more people will see more of the world versus spending life entirely in their homeland.


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