Latest American Travel Statistics Unveiled in Motel 6 Survey


Key Takeaways

  • 67% of Americans planning to travel prioritize spontaneous getaways.
  • 73% are open to visiting surprise destinations.
  • 70% prefer domestic travel over long distances, and 78% plan to travel with friends or family.
  • 32% are considering longer trips, and 47% are willing to travel during off-peak seasons and on weekdays.
  • 49% choose hotels or motels as their accommodations and 66% value travel reward programs in their planning.

The Joy of Spontaneous Getaways

Dallas, TX–A recent study published by Motel 6, a budget hospitality and motel chain operating in the US and Canada, has found that over two-thirds (67%) of their sample set with travel plans this year agreed that the best getaways were usually spontaneous.

The survey polled over 2,000 Americans and also revealed that 73% were possibly planning to visit a surprise destination sometime this year.

“Taking a last-minute getaway is a great way to add some joy into your life,” said Julie Arrowsmith, President and Interim CEO of G6 Hospitality, the parent company of Motel 6, in a press release

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The study revealed that a majority of the sample group, specifically seven out of ten (70%), expressed a preference for domestic travel that exceeded three hours away from their city of residence.

A significant percentage of respondents, 78%, shared that they intended to travel with their friends or family instead of traveling alone, while 28% expressed a desire to bring their pets along.

Nearly half (47%) reported that they didn’t plan on sticking to the “travel season” and were likely to travel during off-peak season and on weekdays.

Also, almost a third of the polled group (32%) indicated planning a trip longer than they ever had before.

Importance of Accommodations and Rewards

Nearly half of the sample set (49%) stated that they planned to book hotels or motels during their travels (compared to homestays, ranches, camping and RV grounds, etc.).

Furthermore, 66% of surveyed individuals disclosed that reward programs (hotel loyalty, credit card, discounts, offers, etc.) were important when planning their travels.

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About Motel 6

Motel 6 is an economy lodging company established in Santa Barbara, California, in 1962 and currently operates over 1,500 outlets (including sister company Studio 6) across the US and Canada.

This survey was commissioned by Motel 6 and conducted by market research company OnePoll between February 22 and February 27 this year.

What We Think

The Motel 6 study highlights the growing appeal of spontaneous getaways, with a significant percentage of travelers seeking the joy of unplanned adventures.

It’s clear that domestic travel, group trips, and off-peak season travel are preferred options. The findings underscore the importance of reward programs in travelers’ decision-making. As we navigate a world with evolving travel trends, this data sheds light on the preferences and habits of those seeking memorable and flexible travel experiences.

Travel industry stakeholders should consider these insights to better cater to travelers’ desires and priorities.


Aqil K
Aqil K
Aqil writes about travel, tourism, and covers the many aspects of the digital nomad lifestyle.



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