How Europe’s Booming Summer of Tourism Is A Spectacle For 2023


Key Takeaways

  • Perillo Tours notes an unprecedented surge in bookings for European destinations, mirroring the booming 1970s tourism era.
  • Nearly 96% of annual departures are booked by mid-2023, triggering heightened prices for flights and hotels across European cities.
  • Popular TV shows like “The White Lotus” and “Emily in Paris” contribute to crowded destinations, prompting travelers to navigate cost and crowds creatively while embracing the European adventure spirit.

Europe’s 2023 Tourism Surge

New Jersey, NJ–According to Steve Perillo, CEO of Perillo Tours, Europe’s 2023 summer tourism season has launched with a bang, resembling the record-breaking 1970s. This New Jersey-based agency has witnessed an unprecedented hike in tour bookings for Europe, primarily Italy, Spain, and Greece.

According to a CNN report, by the middle of 2023, Perillo Tours recorded bookings for around 96% of their annual 500 departures. Steve Perillo anticipates a complete sell-out soon as the company braces itself for its 2024 season.

Impact and Challenges of Increased Demand

The report noted that evidence of this extraordinary season began unfolding last fall when Perillo Tours offered a Black Friday discount, causing a phenomenal surge in demand. Europe has since experienced an onslaught of tourists, following the trail of their 2022 peers during the post-pandemic spike.

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As per the report, Allianz Partners, a travel insurance provider, predicts a 55% surge in Americans traveling to Europe this summer over the high numbers from 2022. London, Paris, Dublin, Rome, Reykjavik, Amsterdam, and Lisbon are some of the most sought-after destinations. The European Travel Commission also anticipates a strong resurgence in European vacations this year, with most goals expecting a return to over 80% of 2019’s tourism figures.

However, this increase in demand has led to a surge in prices. Flight tracking site Hopper reveals that airfare to Europe is the highest in five years, with roundtrip tickets averaging above $1,200. According to American Express Global Business Travel, hotel prices have dramatically increased, especially in cities like Paris, Stockholm, and Dublin.

As per the report, despite higher prices, the allure of Europe remains unshaken. Tourists continue to flood various European cities, leading to fully-booked hotels, bustling museums, and crowded restaurants.

The Report noted that the popularity of certain TV shows like HBO’s “The White Lotus” and Netflix’s “Emily in Paris” has further drawn crowds. As per Expedia, flight searches to Sicilian cities have remarkably increased.

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Tourists can expect to face the crowds this summer, especially at popular attractions. Securing last-minute tickets for significant events or reservations at top-tier restaurants in Paris can prove challenging.

As per the report, as Europe grapples with a record-breaking number of tourists, travelers have found creative ways to navigate the crowds and higher costs. Whether relying on trains and ferries or opting for road trips instead, the spirit of European adventure is alive and thriving.

What We Think

Europe’s 2023 tourism season mirrors the historic highs of the 1970s, with Perillo Tours witnessing an exceptional surge in bookings.

Despite soaring prices and crowded hotspots, the allure of Europe remains undiminished. TV shows and media have amplified interest, resulting in packed destinations.

Navigating the crowds and cost challenges demands creative solutions, but the spirit of European adventure endures, beckoning travelers to explore in innovative ways while embracing the surge in tourism.
Learn more in the full CNN report.

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