Insurance a Priority As Traveling Americans Are Eager to Cruise Again


Key Takeaways

  • A survey indicates 96.1% of respondents plan to take a cruise within the next two years.
  • The most popular months for cruising are now September to December.
  • Average cruise prices have risen to $6,367 from $5,420 pre-pandemic.
  • With increased costs, travelers are looking to protect their investments through travel insurance.
  • Travel insurance now covers a range of issues including COVID-19, flight disruptions, and baggage delays.

Warwick, GB–A recent survey finds that most travelers plan on taking a cruise in the next two years, and they’re not waiting until the traditional “wave season” to book.

A survey by InsureMyTrip of people who have cruised in the past or who are interested in cruising showed the following results:

Survey Question:

Do you plan to take a cruise within the next two years?

Survey results:

Yes: 96.1%
No: 1.1%
Not Sure: 2.8%

“The results of this survey show travelers are, once again, feeling comfortable cruising,” said InsureMyTrip Product Director Meghan Walch, in the press release. “The cruise industry took a big hit during the pandemic. It is encouraging to see the cruise industry bounce back after a couple of tough years.”

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New data-driven reports by InsureMyTrip and CruiseCompete show that September, October, November and December are the most popular months to take a cruise.

Jump in cruise prices

Cruise vacations are getting more expensive. Research from InsureMyTrip found that the average cost of a cruise trip so far this year is $6,367 — an increase from $5,420 in 2019 before the pandemic.

Understanding travel insurance for cruises

Since cruisers are paying more for their vacations, they have more to protect if they need to cancel or cut a trip short.  A travel insurance policy can help provide that protection.

Flight delay/cancellation: A missed connection, trip interruption or delay may entitle a passenger to reimbursement if a covered flight cancels or is delayed so they miss a cruise departure, an entire leg of a trip, or a pre-paid excursion. Benefits may also help pay for meals and accommodations while catching up with the ship.

COVID-19: If a traveler contracts the virus, some policies can include coverage for emergency medical care or emergency medical evacuation.

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Baggage loss/delay: Travelers who must buy necessities while waiting for delayed luggage may be reimbursed by a travel insurance policy.

Other issues: It may also be worth considering travel insurance that covers financial default, shipboard service disruption, and hurricanes or bad weather when taking a cruise.

Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR): Travelers who purchase the optional coverage for cancellation can cancel their trip, at least two days before departure, for something other than a covered reason and receive reimbursement ranging from 50%-75% of the nonrefundable trip cost.

What We Think

The rebound in cruise bookings post-pandemic is a positive sign for the industry. The shift in preferred cruising months could reflect new travel patterns emerging in the wake of global changes.

With the uptick in cruise costs, the value of travel insurance has never been clearer. It’s become an essential tool for travelers to safeguard their journeys against a multitude of uncertainties.

In sum, the evolving travel landscape presents both opportunities and challenges. As cruising prices climb, the investment in comprehensive travel insurance becomes a prudent choice for peace of mind on the high seas.

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